At San Francisco Vein and Vascular Institute, we treat all types of leg vein problems. Your veins will be treated by physicians who are board certified in Vascular Surgery. We strongly believe that varicose veins should be treated by physicians with specialized training in venous disease. Venous disease of the lower extremities can take many different forms, ranging from purely cosmetic problems to very serious clinical conditions. We treat patients in every category from a single small spider vein to large varicose veins.

Vein disorder cause and diagnosis

All veins have one way valves that keeps blood running in the right direction up the legs and back to the heart. Vein problems are almost always the consequence of a malfunction of one or more of these valves. When the valves malfunction and leak, blood pools in the veins and can lead to enlargement and venous hypertension. We have a system of veins that run close to the skin called the superficial system – and a deep system. There is a system of veins connecting the two; these are known as perforating veins. An ultrasound is performed to evaluate the integrity of the veins – and to determine which valves in the superficial and/or perforating systems are leaking. We will then determine if your medical condition would improve from catheter ablation or injections into your varicose veins. These minimally invasive treatment options are discussed here in more detail.

What treatments are available for problem veins?

There are different levels of intervention to treat varicose veins, including sclerotherapy, vein ablation and ambulatory phlebectomy. For more detailed treatment information, click here. Conservative management is recommended for all patients: leg elevation is an important part of treating vein related problems. The more time spent with your legs elevated, the fewer symptoms you will have. Most patients require compression stockings to the knee level. These minimize symptoms and if worn after surgical intervention, minimize recurrence. These can be supplied to you from our office.